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Meet Maplewood Elementary Principal Tony Hutchins


Tony Hutchins


Hello and welcome to the Maplewood School PRIDE!   The Maplewood School family serves approximately 280 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders.  Located in Vermontville, MI, our newly re-opened, and beautifully renovated school houses 12 General Education classrooms that include grade level teaming to allow for a variety of educational opportunities.  Two on-site Interventionists, a Special Education teacher, and many caring Paraprofessionals and custodial and kitchen staff, provide support to students. Students receive weekly instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education and Health, as well as Media instruction in our computer lab.  Programs such as 5th/6th Grade Band, Odyssey of the Mind, Math Olympiad, and several intramural sports, help us to develop the “whole” student.  We are fortunate to be able to provide our students with so many learning opportunities that help make Maplewood School the best place to learn.

We are a data driven school, where NWEA and DIBELS data is routinely reviewed, and the results are used to drive classroom instruction and determine students who would benefit from additional support.  Our ROAR Expectations are the rules that allow students to be in charge of the daily procedures by following clear and concise expectations.  By being Respectful, Orderly, Assistive and Responsible, and following our Consequence Rubric, we are creating a safe and friendly learning environment for students. 

As an parent, educator, and coach, I value education as one of the most important foundations of a child’s experience.  Providing opportunities both in and out of the classroom, and supporting children are the greatest attributes to student success.  I am extremely thankful to work in education during these exciting times of great research, forward thinking, and innovative practices.  In order to maximize each student’s individual success, every person that has an opportunity to impact their life must do so in a positive way. This is the only way for us to help every student reach academic, behavioral, and personal success at school. Every person in our building has to be at their best in order for us to at our best as a school. Please contact me to learn more about Maplewood School, our amazing staff and many learning opportunities.



Tony Hutchins, Principal

Maplewood School